Sunday, September 12, 2010

Life Updates

Hey guys,

Well, i have to be honest that i had to have many tries in order to log into this blog. I practically have 3 gmail accounts excluding the school's with different password. So i suppose you can imagine how it's like huh.

I know it has been ages ever since i updated you. Well, you have to know that i'm know really good in updating things regularly.

Life of 4th Semester starts of with pretty much hectic classes. The hectic-ness is still bearable but studying at Bulle campus really is a big change compared to Glion. We are treated more like adults and assignments based on analyzing and strategies as managers. Woahh.. tough job for moi (means me in french) because i still have a mind of a 12 years old kid. NO kidding, everybody hear thinks i'm a kid. Oh come on, you cant blame me right? I'm still young.. hehehe

However, i do get some stress and frustration this semester. One task after another. Research this and that. Meetings here and there. Sometimes i feel that i cant even breathe. I feel that i get pressured by the people around me who are smart and hardworking.

Anyway, enough of those sad stuff. The first few weekends, it was like a reunion for the 5 girls and 1 guy. It was awesome. Esther is back again after 6 months of break. All of us just cant believe that we see each other again. We visited Chateau de Chillion which is one of the attractions in Switzerland especially in Montreux. we also hanged out, had dinners, sleepovers, and SUSHi..

Just to say, our journey has just begun together~~~

So i guess that's bout it so far~~

See you next time

~~ you never realize till somebody tells you~~ <3

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hello Mello Bello!

That's actually my welcome message when i turn on my phone ._.

OKAY! Some updates and revival of this blog. :D

I'm currently working as a personal assistant to the organizing chairperson in an event management firm.


I love organizing events, which also explains why I joined Student Council in college. :)


Intan Millennium Square, near Bukit Raja Jusco.

What do I do?

Basically telemarketing, looking for sponsors, issueing tickets, numerous errands, and some design stuff.

How much do I get?

Shh. :)

Not studying anymore?

Yes I am going to continue my studies in October in HELP University in Bachelor of Business Psychology(Hons).

On the other hand, Alison Ng Sze Mien, the co-owner of this blog, has settled down in Bulle, Switzerland.

She's going through a very hectic schedule, such as 8 to 6 classes, 30mins dinner (sure not enough), locking herself out of her room, roaming around the campus saying hi to everyone, and silently cursing that fella. =O

We....... Skype pretty often this time. Don't know why but.. We just do. :)

So here's a dot.

Till then.

Signing off,
Johnson Teemh.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Wintertime in Switzerland

I know i know i've been notty and ignorant for not blogging for such a super duper looooooooooong time!! Well, i did lose my blogging mood so that's why. If you guys are wondering what i'm doing right now, i'm actually on my internship at Hotel Garbo in Verbier, Switzerland. Well, it's a ski resort so you can imagine me with snow most of the time. It has been pretty pretty cool. We get so close among the staff because there aren't many of us. It's like a family that i have in Switz due to me being so far away from home for some time now. Well, besides that, between my last post till today, i did travel with my dear friend Hao. We explored more places and gained more experiences. So there are some snapshots for you guys to enjoy!

Occassion 1- Oscar Night (Farewell to Semester 3)

Ballroom of Theater Alzador

Most charming man in Glion

Hottest Girl on campus

Cutest couples to have babies

Webbie & I

Me & the girls

Mrs Godwin (won the best female teacher & my Geopolitics teacher)

The only female security guard of the night & my roommate
Jackie C.

~~~~~The After Party at Black Pearl~~~~~

With 2 tequila shots to kick the night

Warming up a little bit...


Pump it up!!

Occassion 2- Wintertime & Christmas Market at Montreux

Glion started to snow

Ferris Wheel at the market

Christmas cheers~~

Christmas isn't Christmas
till it happens in your heart

Me & my besties--Hao & Adeline

HOt Hot Chestnuts for the cold

Candies, candies..munch munch

Dinner together with friends

An incredible ride on the wheel

Up we go!!!

Occasion 3- Village de Noel where they have animals for children

Sleigh Ride

Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer


Winter Cows moo~~~

Donkey~~~ doink

Rabbits and roosters

Santa telling stories to children

Beautiful view from the mountain

Lovely friend who drove me up there
Jenny. K

Swiss Hotel Management School (SHMS)

So guys, this is what's about during my 3rd Semester. It's a quite summary with pictures i hope you would enjoy it. I will continue with another post updating you on what's going on after that.

=XOXO ally.B=